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Young Explorers Montessori

We enthusiastically practice the Montessori method of teaching, fostering children’s natural love of learning.

Staff Benefits

Young Explorers is on a mission to set a new standard for early education.  Our school environment is professional yet comfortable.  Working with children here provides many wonderful benefits, including the satisfaction of making a difference, opportunities to be creative, and the chance to be a hero in a child’s life.  Additionally, compensation may include: paid holidays, paid vacations, discount on tuition, Montessori training, health insurance.

Requirements of Employees

  • Full-time staff can expect to work until we close at 6:30 pm, Monday-Friday
  • Staff are required to create lesson plans, write student assessments, and participate in extra-curricular activities as needed.
  • All staff must wear a uniform
  • Ripped or torn clothes, tank tops, immodest clothes, and clothing with transfers, such as T-shirts with logos on them are not acceptable.
  • No visible tattoos, no facial piercing jewelry (nose rings, eyebrow rings, tongue, etc.) are acceptable during work hours. This is non-negotiable.
  • Hair must be a natural looking color, brushed and styled or pulled back away from face.
  • Costumes can and should be worn on Halloween and any day it fits the lesson.
  • Teachers help children celebrate their birthdays as well as Judeo-Christian holidays.
  • Jeans may be worn on some Fridays. They cannot be torn, stained, ripped, or in bad taste.
  • Staff must have reliable transportation to and from work
  • Staff sign an employment agreement upon hiring that defines our working relationship, has a confidentiality clause, and details other aspects of our structure.
  • See the Employee Handbook for a complete list of requirements.

To comply with state law, we perform a background check, including criminal check, on all candidates prior to hiring. You must pass a state required physical exam.


Equal Opportunity Employer

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