Toddler Program

Ages 1-2

Young Explorers Toddler Program

As your child grows, his/her unique personality develops. Toddlers begin to navigate relationships with other students and playmates. Academically, they thrive with kinetic learning, active discovery, and developing independence with everyday life skills.


Fun, hands-on lessons teach letter recognition, sound to letter correspondence, and word building. Teaching songs and music activate auditory processing skills.


Shared laughs and discoveries with friends begins to foster social relationships and understanding of how to be a community member. Developing independence with practical life skills builds confidence.

Arts & Crafts

Practicing fine motor skills, connecting colors, and developing creativity. Pride and self-confidence arise in their creations.


It gets messy with touching slimy, gooey, wet, dry, heavy, light, and textured lessons as we learn more about our environment. Curiosity and wonder drive lesson choices now, and we have uninterrupted Work Time to fuel concentration and learning at an individual pace.


Sequencing, counting, sorting, sizing, and positional lessons are thrilling to the adventurous toddler, and we have ambitious lessons to fuel the learning – no waiting for the class to catch up. Number sense and numeral recognition develop.

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