Infant Program

Ages Birth - 1

Young Explorers Infant Program

The foundation for cognitive growth begins now – at a rate that is the greatest in a child’s lifetime ( Dr. Montessori understood that a young child has a “qualitatively different mind” than when older, and her principles noted in her book, The Absorbent Mind, speak to the young infant’s sensorial learning.


Attentive caregivers sing, read stories, perform finger plays, and chat continuously – even during diaper changes, because the brain is receptive at a quantum rate now.


Shared laughs and discoveries with baby friends fosters amazing relationships – they truly love each other! This is the beginning of teamwork, compassion, and self-discovery.

Body Strength

Tummy time, free movement, bouncing, reaching for objects and grasping foster muscle toning and the start of coordination. Teachers model communicating with gestures such as waving, pointing, and beginning signing.


Sensorial lessons with snow, textured items, shapes, and themed items teach about the physical world around them. Smelling jars of spices, light boxes, and other lessons are as fun as they are educational. Messy finger painting and other art projects support discovery too.


It’s the right time to display and name numerals, demonstrate sequencing of big, medium, and small, sing and say numbers.

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